sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2009

Tour de Moldavie

I'm visiting Iaşi in Romania in the beginning of March. I'll be a whole week in that country and surely don't want to miss the opportunity to ride a bike there. Plus, a week without cycling is like... like a week without cycling, that is: bad.

Thanks to the net I found a blog that has a recent entry with this kind of text:
"the bike shop near the train station. (...) the staff are fanatics, and they organise cycling tours through Iaşi’s hills."

I commented the entry hoping to get the contact information of that very shop. Hope it works!

Edit: In I found a friend who lives there and promised to help, and maybe we will even ride together - sounds promising!

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Esko Lius kirjoitti...

"Tour de Moldavie" refers to the historic Moldavia. Iasi is in its heart. It is nowadays separated into two parts by the border of Romania and Moldova.