tiistai 18. elokuuta 2015

Next to Virtual Reality

I've gotten my Garmin Edge 520 with Strava Premium account. The world is not the same any more.

Strava Live Segments change my game. While biking, I get a countdown notice from Edge 520 about nearing the start of a segment that I've starred in Strava. When on the segment, Edge 520 shows how much I'm currently leading or tailing the KOM ride. (How can I make it to compare to my PR, anyone?)

I've selected certain safe segments, divided along my commuting route, so that I can use them as help for an interval training.

Now, when it's very close between me and KOM owner, I can visualize him there some meters in front of me - and that makes me pedal even harder. You understand why it's really important to select segments where there are no major hazards.

The execution of this feature is perfect except one thing. En route the Edge 520 informed that I've managed to get three KOMs. Marvellous, what a rider I am, some headwind and all!

Unfortunately at home, connected to my computer and the real Strava database, I was given only a 2nd and a 6th position, plus one PR. Why this discrepancy?

PS. I found a similar issue being discussed in Strava Support. Let's see if this procedure helps.

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