lauantai 17. joulukuuta 2016

Fixie as a souvenir on a whim

My first fixie is actually a double duty fixie / singlespeed bike. I wasn't nowhere near of buying such a bulky souvenir, but things happen.

I'm in Magdeburg on a short work trip. On the first afternoon I rode on a hotel rent bike and encountered Radmitte, an excellent bike shop.

To put it short, I'm a happy Pure Fix Papa owner now. It wasn't cheap here (469 €) but I wanted to have it right in this instance. I'll ride it here for a day, and they'll ship it to Finland after me.

I had a short test ride on four different bikes. Two felt particularly suitable. If I'd do track racing on Velodromi, Fuji Feather with road/aero handlebar would've been better. But this one is for leisure rides, so a more upright riding position is better.

Surely the possibility to switch the rear wheel around is handy. A singlespeed with a free wheel gives you the option not to pedal all the time the bike is moving.

The picture is taken on the Hubbrücke.

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