lauantai 11. maaliskuuta 2017

A change of air

The sun is shining and melting the snow and ice on bike lanes. You can smell the soil, and birds are singing oh so much. Definitely spring-time, the start of the cycling season!

Not only is local air changing here in the Southern Finland, but also my rear tyre emptied and wanted an air change. I decided it is perfect time to replace the studded tyres with lighter ones. I expect having a lovely ride in the afternoon.

Pic by RentalBikeItaly which has decent road bikes for rent.
I'm visiting Italy next month. I got a bike arranged for the first days on the Amalfi coast (from here), but nothing for the inland/mountain days.

Have you by any chance visited Potenza, in Campania? I have found it hard to find a rental bike there. Leave your comment if you've any ideas on getting a bicicletta there. 

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