tiistai 18. huhtikuuta 2017

Amalfi coast on a holiday: two wheels are faster than four

I chose the coastal road. Lucky me, as here at Amalfi coast even a short 30+ kilometer ride produces 500 vertical metres.

I arrived Hotel Club Due Torri this afternoon and got the Bianchi Mono-Q 928 with Campagnolo Record 10s that I rented from Cycling Amalfi Coast. For Daniele it was no problem to bring the bike to the hotel even on a holiday. 

As it is Easter, all the Italians seemed to be on the move: to or from Easter dinner, or whatever. The result was that they were all standing still or crawling slowly. 

Even though the roads are curvy and narrow, there are opportunities for Vespas and bicycles to overtake: there is usually a metre between vehicles going to opposite directions. 

That means you have to stop quite often, then accelerate hard, keep your pace, stop again... very good interval training, combined with uphills and downhills. (See ride on Strava)

I recommend you do Amalfi coast on a more quiet day. Yet even now it was so delightful that I forgot my hunger and kept going until the sun was about to set. Ed è subito sera, as the poet said. 

tonno e pomodoro sandwich, a cappucino, and time to turn back. Fortunately I had lights (Cateye Rapid X2 rear is excellent), which is a good idea especially if you think about riding between lanes in dim light. 

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Marian Bratu kirjoitti...

I visit too, Amalfi Coast and i used an electric bike. I found a lot of models at Cycling Amalfi Coast, from which i choose the model Lombardo Imoving E-mtb.
Francesca kindly bring me the bike were i requested. You are not afraid if you are late the bike has all is necessary to travel at night. Very beautifull experience with that bike in Amalfi

Esko Lius kirjoitti...

Thanks for sharing this information with us, Marian. I guess an eBike is a handy option if one doesn't want to sweat so badly on the hills.