lauantai 13. toukokuuta 2017

Final ride in Bilbao: Urkiola climb

I got the "cyclist's high" experience yesterday in two ways.

A local friend (who has been riding with Indurain and other big names) recommended me to go to Urkiola. I knew it was in a national park behind Durango, and I expected it to be at 300-400 m altitude – I didn't check it as I got the suggestion only when I was already on the road.

Urkiola was a punishing climb to me: heavy amateur in his 50s, having only 39-28 as the shortest, riding some 6 km 9-10%. Anyhow, I made it and found myself in 700 m altitude.

What a great feeling it was: like I had won myself, exceeded my limits! I kept on smiling all the way back to Bilbao. What a flow, almost a trance!

If you start from Bilbao, there is a nice 30 km ride on a rather flat terrain, so you get your warm up hour first. Then you'll get about 6 km moderate uphill, and finally 6 km of steep climbing. 

On the top there is a restaurant and a cafe. Ride carefully downhill, as there is no rhythm for the curves and some doubles are very very tight.

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