lauantai 5. elokuuta 2017

The gargantuan climb to Wuling Pass

I have heard the grimpeurs' sirens singing. Their enchanting song is about Taiwan KOM Challenge, a gigantic uphill climb race to be held in October.

From sea level to 3275 meters. 105 kilometres, first 15 flat, then 90 km ascending. That's heavy for anyone, and that's massive for a 88 kg rider.

The two months separating this day and the race are very welcome to get my FTP endurance up and weight down. Long speed spot rides and longish threshold intervals. Some change in lifestyle and training, but to be honest, I'm too lazy to make any major sacrifices. I'm not competing for the podium but to ride it to the top before they close the finish.

Main issue right now is that I can't fly with my Oltre XR2. I've tried to find a rent bike from Specialized Taipei, but no luck yet. Any other ideas?

The vid's taken at the Paloheinä landfill hill that is considered as a major climb here. 

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