maanantai 4. syyskuuta 2017

Planning and navigating made easy

There's fun ahead! On Thursday me and my CaadX will fly to Dublin. There'll be three days for cycling before a work event.

Most of the fun will take place at the Wicklow National Park South to Dublin. With the current variety of online mapping services it's easy to plan the rides.

First of all, I've gotten useful links to Strava segments, for example this one from Bray Harbour to Kippure Mast - nice steady climb from 0m to 741m altitude - and this one reaching three gaps.

I'll have there great cycling companion who introduced me

Komoot is the first platform that I know of, where you can plan a route and see not only the map and profile but also the road/trail surface along the course.

Online mapping is free. For offline use I recommend you to buy the whole global set at once, as regional maps are relatively expensive.

Link to the Komoot map.

3 kommenttia:

Philipp kirjoitti...

That will be fun, I hope your bike will be shipped carefully. See ya in Dublin.

Esko Lius kirjoitti...

Yes, looking forward to that. Seems to be a tad rainy, so I'll pack my mudguard too.

Jari Mutikainen kirjoitti...

Btw, Komoot syncs nicely with wahoo Elemnt