sunnuntai 10. syyskuuta 2017

What bike to choose for Dublin and Wicklow mountains

Here are some thoughts about what kind of a bike to take when doing rides like this and this. In my next post I'll tell you about the routes and what makes them so fascinating. This one is only about the machines for the ride.

I took my Cannondale CaadX cyclocross with me. 55 € per flight doesn't feel very expensive as I can ride three whole days and do some additional morning rides. Warning: pack it well! The Swissport cargo staff at Dublin airport manhandlet it carelessly. The bike box was brought to me under five other heavy packages, bent on the trolley, torn from the corner. Luckily only the GoPro Hero Session mount was bent and seems still to hold the camera.

Taking my own CX bike was a good decision. Many parts of the more remote areas have quite rough tarmac, and Continental Cyclocross Speed tyres (5 bar) have been fine there. They are a bit slippery though. On a bike lane I had to give way to oncoming traffic and went off the lane. When coming back over a wet concrete/stone lining, I didn't lift enought and fell. Two days after my knee is still bleeding. Luckily no other incidents so far.

A road bike with 28 mm tyres and a mudguard/ass-saver would've also done the job on the roads. But having a CX gave us the freedom to go off the road every now and then, for example at the scenic Glendalough.

Thanks to Leo who adjusted my brakes on the go.
My friend Philipp rented a road bike for the first day from (45 €). It is situated in Ballinastoe near the mountains. It seems to offer even more for a mountain biker, for example there's a singletrack trail just behind their facilities.

For the second day Philipp took a cheaper touring bike from Everest Cycles in Bray (15 €). A tool good enough for our joint coast line riding.

I'm staying in Tallaght. Today after my ride I'll pay a visit to Cycle SuperStore here nearby. A friend recommended it, and according to their website photos they have a nice variety of cycling stuff.

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