perjantai 20. lokakuuta 2017

Racing against the broomwagon

Taiwan KOM Challenge was an insane effort for a non-racing cyclist from the flatland. I wasn’t able to follow my plan and started falling behind gradually. The 85 km of pure climbing was very hard. On sections of 18, 22, and up to 28% I had to walk and push the bike. Also, rear tyre kept on emptying and my Lezyne pump got into action several times.

After 70 km I knew that the broomwagon would pick me sooner or later as I wouldn’t make it before 1 o’clock when they’d close the Finish. For the last 5 km I just hoped they’d let me ride all the way. 

To my surprise I managed to avoid the broomwagon and the Finish was still open when I hit it 1.20 pm. The medal earned feels great!

More on this epic challenge next week when I’ll be back in Finland and can edit video clips and transfer Strava data.

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