sunnuntai 29. lokakuuta 2017

Recommended: Taiwan

It was great to have a GoPro Hero Session 4 attached. I love to relive my Taiwan KOM Challenge ride, and it conveys what to expect to any of you who consider taking part next year. Above is the standard version. If you'd like to watch it while riding your indoor trainer, check out this version.

Oh yes, I do recommend! At least for me it offered just the right challenge and drama. Up to the Gas Station (2400m) I managed to ride reasonably well. After that the last 10 km was insane, and I was sure that I won't make it. Against all odds, I found myself riding it all the way to the finish.

Here's my ride in Strava.

Taiwan is a great country to bike. Taiwanese are polite and they are used to cyclists both in the countryside and in cities like downtown Taipei. 300 peaks reaching 3k is a treat I can only dream of here at home.

The Parkview Hotel in Hualien offered spacious rooms and the race organizers had put up an inspirational welcome party.

In this picture Scott Ellinger is presenting the big guns like Emma Pooley and Vincenzo Nibali (both to win next day), Cadel Evans, and the GCN duo Matt & Simon.

Even at the start line in the morning, 5.30 am, they had a show on stage to boost the moods and to wake us up. I bet many of us had had only few hours' sleep.

It's fascinating how people felt like belonging to one family. We encouraged each other, and felt we were sharing the burden – and the precious goal of finishing. When I was completely bonking just 100 metres from the Finish, some amazing people were ready to give me a push to get me going again.

Greetings to my great companion in the van going back to Hualien: Scott, Kerry, and Brian!

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