lauantai 18. marraskuuta 2017

Turning the tide in winter training

I wouldn't have believed it last winter. Cycling indoors has felt like a dull duty – until now. Today I doubled what I've previously reached indoors: three hours. This time it wasn't even difficult or boring.

A smart trainer changes the traction depending on the road angle. My trainer is not the most authentic on steep hills but realistic enough to bring variety to pedaling. Also, the Watopia island routes are well designed, and having other people riding there too makes it lively.

This month I've been riding indoors 14.5 hours (two and half weeks). For comparison: last year my total hours on the trainer were 10.

The only reason that makes me wonder whether it'll be Zwift or some other platform I'll continue with in the future, is that they just raised prices 50–60%. It'll be 15 € / month from now on – except for the current members who can continue for the old 10 €/mo. one more year. I feel lucky to have started just in time.

If you did miss the cheaper train, remember that there are many other platforms to explore, eg. Kinomap, Sufferfest, VirtualTraining and BigRingVR, as well as Elite MyETraining and Trainerroad.

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