lauantai 20. tammikuuta 2018

The seatpostal service and 21st century

A watched pot never boils and a seatpost on transit never arrives.

I found the Cervélo P series seatpost for my project bike on Ebay Canada. That was on Tuesday last week.

After my payment, the seller was kind enough to take it immediately to the post office.

Prévost is a small town in Quebec. Still, it took only half a week to get the parcel here. 7573 km in three days – small world, isn't it! Or ”almost here”, as the air mail post office is at the airport, 9 km away.

Next, it took two days before someone picked up the parcel and put it to the proper shelf in the customs. Then, it took two more days as they wanted to send me snail mail that contained the information for declaring the goods.

No wonder that "post office" comes after "post mortem" in the dictionary.

So, I got the letter that had the info needed for declaring the goods on Wednesday. Next step was easy, and the declaration was done online in fifteen minutes. Hey, we DO have this thing called digitalization! I even got an email assuring that Posti will take care of the rest now.

That was late Wednesday evening.

On Friday I got snail mail again, this time a notice of arrival. At last! Just awesome!

Today I took the precious piece of paper and went to the kiosk that provides postal services here. They pointed out that it isn’t available yet.

Indeed, someone had by their own hand written "pickup on or after 22nd January". That is next Monday.

The Finnish Posti has done some initial experiments with automated delivery. It seems there are many phases in the process that should be brought to the 21st century.

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