sunnuntai 4. helmikuuta 2018

Planning the joyrides

I'll take you on a sky ride
I'm feeling like I'm spellbound
The sunshine is a lady
Who rocks you like a baby

Soon me and my magic friend will find ourselves in the sunny Andalucia. It is -12° C here in Helsinki now, so we will be more than happy if the temperature in Spain reaches 15-20° C.

I will take my Oltre XR2 with me. My magic friend a.k.a. my wife will have books and our dog. We will have plenty of time to do things as well together as also separately.

We are staying in Nerja. It is not obvious where to ride from there, particularly as Sierra Nevada is for downhill skiing in midwinter.

Reading about other cyclists' recommendations and checking Google Street view have given me ideas on the routes. Next step is to draw the routes and transfer data to Garmin Edge 520.

There are two handy tools for planning a cycling route:

Komoot is among the most versatile, and I really recommend it to anyone in need of planning a longer trip. Strava, on the other hand, is very basic, but as the UI is familiar to us Strava users and as one needs only few clicks on the map in order to create a route, I found myself turning to Strava again when planning for Spain.

'Cause it all begins again when it ends, yeah
And we're all magic friends

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