lauantai 24. helmikuuta 2018

Winter cycling is fun – in Andalucia

View from our roof terrace.

¡Hola Andalucia! You are such a wonderful place to escape the Nordic winter and enjoy riding.

We’re on a couples vacation in Nerja, East of Malaga. She brought her Bichon bolognese and I brought my Bianchi Oltre XR2 down here, so we have both own and joint time in Andalucia.

I bought the EVOC bike box which is well designed and of good quality. It was a relief after all cardboard makeshift boxes I had on previous travels. Easy to pack and drag around, and naturally no damage during the transport to Nerja.

Weather has been pleasant here, around 13-16° C (55-60°F). Compare that to -20° C currently at home in Helsinki. Yes, minus 20.

Costa Tropical – the coast between Nerja and Motril – and the mountainside of Sierra de Tejedas have provided marvelous settings for road biking.

Yesterday I encountered Lydia and Sebastian who happen to stay in the same block of flats as we do. They have escaped the Düsseldorf weather and can testify that winter cycling is more fun in Andalucia :)

I’ll share my top tips in the next blog posts: one will discuss the coastal N-340 road and another the mountain rides.

Links to the posts describing the routes:

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