maanantai 4. kesäkuuta 2018

Getting some fresh aero – FFWD F6R

I bought a set of pre-owned FFWD F6R aero wheels and got them ready to go on Saturday. Naturally, I couldn't resist a small road test right away and a longer club ride on Sunday – even though I felt a bit dead after two days of gardening.

The tubular wheelset is light, only 1350 g. It is about 80 g less than my Shimano Dura-ace C24 (clincher) set, and my American Classic 420 aero3 (clincher) weighs a tad over 1.5 kg. To be honest, that means nothing. I didn't notice any difference in accelerating or climbing the small hills that we've got around here. If forced to find something I'd say that FFWD and American Classic are more stiff and rigid than C24s.

I didn't see it coming but felt it right away: it's oh so smooth! The coarse tarmac, the potholes, every manhole cover felt softer. It felt like the muddled soundscape when it's snowy.

I can't say how much of this is due to the wheels and how much do I have to thank the tubular tyres. Whichever, having the same 7.1/7.3 bar (103/106 psi) felt very different from my other wheelsets with clincher tyres.

The average wind speed was 5 m/s (18 km/h) on Sunday, some stronger gusts here and there. Despite the rim being 60mm deep, the wheels didn't cause any issues. Of course my 84 kg own weight helps here.

It would be great to compare rides with some power readings. Another option would be to ride the local TT course with different set-ups and compare time and heart zones.

I'm happy to own two road bikes now, both good and very different from each other.

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