maanantai 25. kesäkuuta 2018

Racing as part of training: Ahvenisto GP

Year by year I'm more and more reluctant to execute the hard training sessions.

Year by year I need more rest days. And if I'm doing less than before, what I really have to maintain is the intensity, and leave some junk miles aside.

My way of getting some high intensity training is to go racing.

In a race I really have the motivation to go all out. Nowadays, I rarely reach similar power or heart rate on my own.

Ahvenisto Race Circuit is the most hilly car race track in Finland. Several times a year there are bicycle races, too. Last weekend I took part in Ahvenisto GP (see Strava).

The track doesn't suit me at all. There is a lot of climbing to do, and the main ascend is up to 15%. Then again, if I wasn't racing I wouldn't find the motivation to do similar uphill repeats – and particularly to maintain high HR between climbs.

Here's how my GoPro saw the race:

Still photos shot at Ahvenisto: Mikko Rantanen

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