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How to fly with a bike

I prefer to ride my own bike also when travelling. I just packed the apple of my eye, Bianchi Oltre XR2 for the flight. Here's my two cents on flying with a bicycle and how to pack it.

Up to last year I travelled with cardboard boxes. You can get one for free from the nearest bike shop, and it may suffice for an odd trip. It is not as sturdy and not as easy to handle as the real bike travelling bags.

Some airports have it rough when dealing with luggages. I've had some issues with cardboard boxes, so got myself an EVOC Bike Travel Bag.

This trip will be my third with the EVOC. Nowadays it's hard to find that older model as the shops have the newer Bike Travel Bag Pro which is 6 cm longer and suits 29ers better. I prefer the shorter.

Whatever your box or bag, you have to turn handlebar, remove pedals, unfasten the saddle, and detach wheels. Most airlines also require you to lower tyre pressure. The most fragile part is the derailleur hanger, which might get bent. Best to unfasten the derailleur.

One handy source to compare different kinds of bike boxes is this article on Cycling Weekly.

There is plenty of space in the bag for all the cycling gear you need to take along: helmet, pump, spare tyres, clothing, shoes, bottles... everything goes in the same bag. At least with a road bike, it stays easily within the weight limits. Remember the tools, especially those that you need to reassemble your bike.

Putting all cycling gear to the bike bag means that it is the only item I have to drag at the airport: a shoulder bag for some off-bike stuff and a backpack for camera gear.

Attach a name tag and enjoy your (mine 🚴😀 ) trip. Happy riding!


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