sunnuntai 25. marraskuuta 2018

Of mountains and dots on the sky

The majestic mountains glimpsed from the road up to the small villages elevate the vista above the merely picturesque. White houses and narrow lanes, all well-preserved and full of flowers, along with the surrounding valleys, pine forests and palm groves, mean that this is one of the island’s benighted spots.

This is a paraphrase describing the Fataga Valley on the Gran Canaria island. I'm flying there with my bike on Friday.

The Strava Weekly Effort graph looks like a mountaneous horizon. Above is my artistic interpretation and below an actual screen shot.

I kept the intensity high until the end of September. The "valley" in October was a result of an exceptionally low training month. A week-long work trip, a flu after that, another week-long work trip and a stomach bug issue kept me mostly at bay.

The Weekly Effort graph available on Strava mobile app (for paid accounts) is based on the cumulative training stress.

The idea is to stay mostly on the "mountains". To have a recovery week, stay below. A hard week gets a dot on the sky. I guess my week #49 will see a dot at the zenith.

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