torstai 19. marraskuuta 2020

New Bike, phase 4: three stems so similar, so different


Yes! – the XR4 frame kit has arrived to Velo-Oxygen, the local bike shop! Time to start building the bike. So I rushed to take the handlebar, stem and some other parts there.

Being no bike mechanic myself, I failed to nail the stem purchase. The stem I had was 1 1/8", or for a slightly wider head tube (Canyon). 

I needed 1 1/4 version for Oltre. So I rushed online, found one on, and ordered it right away. Only that when discussing with my mechanic next day, he pointed out that the one I ordered was only 110 mm (instead of 130 mm).

Uuh ooh. I left it to him to get the proper stem, as far as it is Pro Vibe (not Pro PLT that is not as stiff).

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